With Elmseed, I would like to:

Services are provided pro-bono. Elmseed is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit in New Haven, CT.

Our 6-session weekend course is designed to help you re-think the fundamentals of your business and its value proposition at whichever stage of business. 1-on-1 consulting workshops complement a curriculum that covers:

  • Financial literacy, business and personal

  • Business plan development

  • Marketing

  • Scaling business

  • Metrics

  • Pitching your business

Courses are taught in the vicinity of Yale's campus. Register above for more information on dates and curriculum. 4 hours/week time commitment, with optional mid-week review sessions.

Additionally, our course feeds into the Elmseed Venture Partners Program.

We have consultants dedicated to building your business with you, on your schedule. In our program, you will meet weekly with the same members of our staff to design and develop your small business. Consultants will work to provide a prolific, educational experience for Elmseed's Partner businesses.

The exact nature of the relationship will depend on a variety of factors, but Partner businesses can expect to evaluate key aspects of their business plan and finances.

Partner businesses are expected to:

  • Meet at regularly scheduled intervals

  • Execute weekly action items (e.g. collect documents, draft section of business plan) 

  • Maintain an open, communicative relationship with staff

Our consultants work across all industries to provide deliverables for your business. Potential deliverables include:

  • Business plan critique or collaboration

  • Financial projections

  • Industry analysis

  • Marketing plan

  • Social media consultation